Waiting to Bloom

seeking beauty in life

About May 22, 2010

Why do people blog?  When I googled “why do people blog,”  you wouldn’t believe the number of people who have asked that very same question… on their blog!  Even more interesting than that: according to Merriam Webster a.k.a Webbie, goo – gle and blog take the function of verb which allows me to say something like, “I googled” or “why do people blog?”  All that to say, I am a woman in transition, a woman waiting to bloom, a woman sorting out the files of life.  I have nothing extraordinary to say, but then does any blogger really start these online journals because they have the key to wisdom and truth that we have all been looking for?  No, like most, I am in need of writing the overflow of my thoughts into the void. 

Why not ink and paper you ask?  Well, what I do not want from this blog is to record the daily.  I have friends and family to witness that for me.  Rather, I will continue the mundanity and attempt to extrapolate from it by reading and writing, studying the Living Word and of course including a few yummies from my recipe box!

WHAT’S IN MY COOKIE JAR: I absolutely love cooking, it’s the perfect stress reliever!  Everyone has to eat, so why not enjoy the process from the skillet to the table.  You do not need a fully stocked Williams – Sonoma kitchen to create art in each bite (but of course we’d all love one!).  So, I will part with beloved family recipes (maybe!), flaky pastries, healthy meals, failed experiments, skills I’ve learned the hard way, and some yoga to hopefully burn off a few of the calories after the dishes are done!

WHAT’S IN MY PRAYER JOURNAL: When I write prayers, sermons, and poems in my journal it illuminates how the Spirit is pumping through the veins of humanity.  I have been asked numerous times to recommend a book about God, but just not the Bible.  So, although inadequate, I will share some of my studies in the Scriptures and my thoughts on faith in a broken world. 

WHAT’S ON MY NIGHT STAND: My nose is always buried in a book, even while I’m walking the dog (yes, I’m that person!).  If you want to be a note worthy writer, you must be a reader at heart, so I will discuss books and children’s literature.  Probably the occasional movie or song as well!


One Response to “About”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Beautiful! But no parting w/ beloved family recipes! xo

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